Personalized Spine Treatment Options

Everyone deserves the highest quality of medical treatment available, but not everyone needs surgery. In fact, 87 percent of our spine patients are successfully treated with conservative therapies that do not involve surgery.

We offer safe, proven treatments that provide pain relief and help restore function so that you can resume your activities at work and at home. If nonsurgical treatments fail to support your lifestyle goals, fellowship-trained spine surgeons are here to consult with you and discuss appropriate surgical options.

We believe in prevention. Our proven preventative programs can relieve back pain and restore function while strengthening muscles, improving balance, and maintaining the flexibility that reduces risk of reinjury.

To meet with one of our specialists and learn more about your custom treatment options, simply fill out this form. A member of our care team will be in touch to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

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Get the comprehensive neck, back, and spine care you need at Summit Orthopedics.

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Conservative Solutions for
Neck, Back, and Spine Conditions

You may be wondering if an appointment is the right step for you. Perhaps you're considering a second opinion, or maybe you're living with undiagnosed pain. Our free Spine Health Assessment is a great place to start. When you answer some simple questions in this online assessment, we can give you instant, personalized feedback about the best next steps for your health.

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Assess Your Neck and Back Pain

Our neck, back and spine team serves patients in a setting where every level of spine expertise is available to address your needs and provide solutions. 

Our team has advanced training in spine. We exclusively see spine problems, and spine care is our passion. This specialization makes us experts at recognizing symptom patterns and determining the root of a problem for common back, neck, and spine problems as well as complex conditions.

Most importantly, we understand that you are on a unique journey with very personal hopes and goals. We are here to support you with sensitivity and help you reach the outcome that matters most to you.

Why Choose Summit Orthopedics?

 Isn't it time you got answers about your spinal condition? Contact Summit Orthopedics today to meet with a specialist. Call us at (651) 565-7312 or request an appointment above.

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